B Com vs BCom (Hons.): Which One to Choose?

After completing school there is a significant change in a student moving from school to college. Making a career decision is one of the most difficult choices students have to face because there are so many options available. There are numerous courses that seem similar because of their names but differ in their curricula. Two such courses are B Com(Hons) and B Com. Candidates must choose their courses carefully because they both have various market worth and present varying degrees of opportunity. So in order to know more about the difference between BCom and B Com Hons, read further.

BCom Hons Vs BCom

Both the programmes appear to be the same but are different in many ways.

BCom Degree

This program’s major goal is to familiarise the student with many facets of the business world. Students who enrol in the course will discover how to conduct business and trade.

BCom (Hons)

The B.Com (Hons.) programme is a business-focused programme that gives students a detailed knowledge of the topic of commerce while also enhancing their business skills. If students desire to pursue Chartered Accountancy concurrently with this programme, they will be at an advantage.

What are the differences between BCom vs BCom Hons?

The difference between the B Com programme vs BCom Hons are as follows-

1. Admission Procedure

The admission procedure for both the courses is done on a merit basis though the only difference is that the cut-off criteria is more for BCom(Hons) as compared to BCom degree.

2. Market Worth

The B Com programme does not hold as much value in the corporate world unless the candidates go for higher studies like M Com or MBA. Whereas B Com(Hons), due to its expertise, provides higher possibilities and compensation than B Com. Industry analysts value it more than a B Com degree.

3. Curriculum

Most of the topics taught in both the programmes are almost the same, although students pursuing a BCom degree are unable to perform specialisation in any specific field, whereas candidates pursuing BCom(Hons) can choose any field such as economics or accounting to perform specialisation in the final year.

4. Salary and Job

Jobs and Salary packages after pursuing a B.Com degree are less alluring than those provided to B Com (Hons) graduates. Fresh candidates can only expect a salary of around INR 14,000 to INR 20,000. Whereas salary packages for B Com (Hons) graduates are often pretty good because of the high demand for B Com (Hons) programmes in the industry. Fresh candidates can expect a monthly salary between INR 25,000 to INR 40,000.

(NOTE- Salaries may differ based on the university or the college you attended for your education.)

What kind of jobs are offered after BCom and BCom(Hons)?

Jobs offered after BCom(Hons) and BCom are as follows-

  1. Bookkeeper
  2. Stock Broker
  3. Accountant
  4. Account Executive
  5. Bank PO
  6. Retail Manager
  7. Tax Consultant

Top colleges that offer BCom Hons and BCom degree programmes?

Colleges that offer B Com and B Com (Hons) programmes are as follows-

  1. Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
  2. Mount Carmel College
  3. Hansraj College
  4. Mithibai College of Arts Chauhan Institute Of Science And Amrutben Jivanlal College Of Commerce And Economics
  5. St Joseph’s College
  6. Hindi College
  7. Maulana Azad College
  8. Guru Nanak College


Thus we can conclude that B Com (Hons) and B Com degree programmes are different from each other in numerous ways and provide different benefits. Candidates who want to specialise in any particular field of commerce must pursue BCom(Hons). It is advised that candidates must choose a specific course after understanding all its aspects carefully. Although if you still have any doubts regarding BCom vs BCom Hons, which one is better, Sunstone is always there to assist you.

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1. Is BCom and BCom (Hons) the same?

Though BCom and BCom(Hons) have several similarities, they differ in numerous aspects. A BCom(Hons) programme offers specialisation in any field of commerce whereas, the BCom degree don,t and BCom(Hons) also has a higher market value as compared to BCom, thus, they are not the same.

2. Which Honours is best for BCom?

There are several BCom specialisations that are considered best. They are as follows-

  1. B Com in Law
  2. B Com in Marketing
  3. B Com in Economics
  4. B Com in Accounts and Finance
  5. B Coms in Tourism and Travel Management

3. Which is better, B Com or B Com(Hons)?

Considering all the aspects, BCom(Hons) is regarded as a better course as it has higher market worth and provides better jobs and salary packages as compared to the BCom programme.