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Bathroom supply store “New Bathroom Style” believes the cabinet for a sink made of stone is assembled from wood or the same material as the container. You can buy a ready-made kit, as shown in the photo above if in size and color it fits the interior of the bathroom in the house or apartment. If a countertop with a sink or a stone sink is purchased, the cabinet is made to order according to the dimensions. The bedside table is established on a floor or fastened to a wall. If the furniture is assembled from artificial stone, it is kept on the legs due to the weight. A practical solution is a plastic bedside table. Polymers imitate the pattern. If you need unique bathroom vanities or 24 Inch or 36 inch bathroom vanities, welcome our web bathroom supply store and make your choice. Therefore they are combined with the sink. The photo shows that the bedside table and the sink can be filled with one layer. Doors and shelves are installed in the formed niche. This solution is similar to the previous one, but the facades are also made of artificial stone.


There are no restrictions in colors for a bathroom where the finish is made of artificial stone. It can imitate the color of natural material, as shown above. In this case, brown and its shades predominate. If you want to create such an interior in a small room, background lighting is created, and several mirrors are mounted. The dark color is impractical, as limescale stains are visible on it. Gypsum stone is the basis of country style for bathrooms. Its shape is combined with wood, animal skins, and other attributes. For such a bathroom, less lighting is needed because light colors reflect the light of the central unit. Light colors look good in small baths and are practical for cleaning.

Three tones can prevail with a combined finish of the bathroom, where there is a stone on the floor and the walls are painted. Colors are selected in harmony with the design of the rooms of the house or apartment. In the above example, the accent is made by a dark area of artificial stone on the wall and around the plumbing fixtures. A white bathroom made of artificial stone is achievable. Acrylic material is used without inclusions for the pattern. The photo shows a contrasting waterproof laminate floor. A bathroom finished with artificial stone can be bright. For this, plumbing fixtures made of green or red marble are selected. Colored stone is laid on the floor and walls.


Bathroom furniture with artificial stone finishes is matched to the style or color of the materials. Above is a project for decorating a room with artificial marble. The shell is made from it. A bedside table and a pencil case assembled from MDF are selected under the stone. Gray with a beige tint is combined with white furniture. The inserts at the bottom of the cabinets match the brown porcelain stoneware laid on the floor. This bathroom project uses combined furniture. The frame is made of artificial stone, and the facades are natural wood. Brown is combined with a light base. The image is complemented by a frame for a mirror made of similar material.

The bathroom, lined with porcelain stoneware, is dominated by regular geometric shapes and clear lines. For this design, furniture is made of MDF or plastic. Facades imitate wood, the color of which is combined with window frames and sets accents in the room. For a classic-style bathroom, which is finished with artificial marble or granite, wooden furniture is used. It is placed in an area remote from the bath so that moisture does not destroy the array. On the facades, there is a carving with gilding. In modern classics, bathroom furniture is made of natural wood or MDF, which imitates it. If the bathroom is finished with light-colored artificial stone, the bedside tables and cabinets are dark. They are combined with a stone laid on the floor.

The hi-tech bathrooms are finished with an artificial stone with a gray tint. The accent is brightly colored furniture. This can be seen in the example above, where the nightstands are red. Furniture is made of plastic or MDF with a glossy surface that complements the flat floor and walls.


Dark-colored stone loves natural color. Therefore, such bathrooms are equipped with large windows. In private houses, openings can be floor-to-ceiling high. The light should be evenly scattered throughout the room. Acrylic stone lighting will add a highlight to the interior. To do this, crushed Glass must be present in it. The luminous shell will protect your eyes from sudden drops at night. Contour lighting will add light to the interior. It is placed under hanging bedside tables and bathrooms. Hue and temperature are selected according to the range present in the bathroom. You can make it from a waterproof LED strip powered by 12 volts. The mirror is illuminated evenly by installing two lamps on the sides. Light bulbs of the same power and glow color are screwed into them. They highlight the area near the washbasin, and mirrors reflect light onto opposite walls. Zoning and accent rules apply to bathroom lighting with artificial stone finishes. To do this, spotlights with a variable beam direction are built into the multi-level ceiling.


Bathroom accessories match the accent color when set with stone. The accessories are selected with a few lighter tones if the finish is dark. So it will be easier to distinguish them from the background of a wall or sink. You should not use plastic accessories; ceramic appliances are suitable for bathrooms with artificial marble or granite. When designing a Japanese-style bathroom in black color, accessories of the correct geometric shape are used. This solution is suitable for rooms in modern style. High-tech bathrooms love colorful Glass, so soap dishes, brush holders, and cups are selected in the design shown in the photo above. With a gypsum stone that imitates the surface of a natural one, ceramic products with a wood-like surface but with a gray tint look.


In small bathrooms, stone cladding is done on surfaces with natural light, as shown in the photo above. Thanks to this, the room does not lose its lightness. Light shades of brown and white are colors for small bathrooms. The acrylic marble corner top matches the porcelain stoneware on the wall and creates a cozy curve with a gentle curve. A shower cabin is equipped in a room where there is no place for a bath. Its walls are lined with light gray artificial stone, which is easy to clean and reflects the color. Lighting: flood and highlight. Finishing with artificial granite in a limited space is performed in the corner of the bathtub and for the sink. Wall surfaces are painted a light color to reflect light. Glass is combined with artificial stone so that they can delimit zones in a small bathroom.


The highlight of the bathroom is a stone bathtub. It is made of the same material that prevails in the finish or with a contrasting shade. Due to their symmetry, oval containers are ergonomic to use and are installed near the wall or in the middle of the room. Not suitable for small spaces. A stone bath is inert in heating. Therefore, before immersing in water, it is necessary to allow 15 minutes to infuse. Rectangular appliances are installed in any bathroom part because they can be placed close to the wall. A rectangular bathtub made of artificial stone can be erected on a pedestal. The support walls increase the stability of the tub and create a functional area on which to place personal care items or soap and shampoo containers. A stone bath in a bowl will complement a square room with a large area. With a diameter of 2 meters, it will fit a married couple.


If you find a cobblestone of a suitable size, you can gradually make a recess in it with a power tool, turning the stone into a bathroom or sink. But you can make containers from artificial material. To do this, prepare a container made of chipboard or plywood. Semicircular parts are attached in the middle of the container, which will form a recess in the sink.

The ends are glued with an edge so that the surface is even. A double-sided adhesive tape is glued over the edge. It is necessary for gluing the molding plastic. The protective film is removed from the plastic and adhesive tape, and the plate is glued onto semicircular supports. The plate is cut flush with the wood to avoid flaws in the container. The junction is glued with plasticine so that the composition does not flow under the plastic. A metal mold is glued onto the silicone over the workpiece, repeating part of the siphon. Excess silicone is removed with a finger dipped in soapy water.

The material should not be outside. The joints of the wooden form are covered with silicone so that the liquid stone does not flow into the cracks. The surface of the mold is treated with isopropyl alcohol. After that, a thin film remains, facilitating the removal of the container. Wax is applied to laminated chipboard. Gelcoat is being prepared. It is a polyester resin with a hardener. The gel coat is applied in a thin layer with a brush to the mold surface.

In an hour, the material polymerizes. The next step is to apply the resin. Fresh resin is sprinkled with ground stone. This is done evenly over the entire plane. Next, another layer of resin is applied and sprinkled with stone. The form is filled to the brim with resin with a hardener, and another layer of stone is laid. To strengthen the container, fiberglass is laid from below.

It is impregnated with resin. After polymerization of the resin, the mold is removed from the workpiece. To do this, it warms up with a building hairdryer. The plastic and metal inserts are heated separately. The influxes of stone are cut with a knife and polished with a grinder. A stone bath is made according to the same algorithm. For her, a large form is made from several sheets of chipboard fixed together. After the molding is completed, the substrate is removed from the stone for a break. Visually pouring the sink in the video.

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