A Shift in Behavior: Why Grocery Shoppers are Going Digital

Nowadays, we are witnessing a trend of more and more customers taking advantage of online grocery shopping websites and a large number of online grocery stores reigning the market. This unparalleled growth of online grocery websites can be attributed to the convenience and personalized experiences these sites provide to shoppers. Besides, the global pandemic COVID 19 has also led many people to resort to online and mobile shopping for ease, safety, and convenience these websites offer as people can purchase what they want without stepping out from their homes.

So, here, we are analyzing from a customer’s point of view on how can online grocery shopping websites benefit them:

The Convenience can’t be Beaten

Is there anything more convenient than sitting at own home or office and using one’s own phone any time to purchase groceries, make payment, and have them delivered at the doorsteps at our convenient time? This is the major advantage that drives a majority of shoppers towards online grocery shopping websites as many shoppers consider driving to the physical store, parking the car, searching for the products in the supermarket aisles, carrying the products or pushing a shopping cart around, waiting in the queue at bill payment area, checking out, etc. as too hectic. So, for such customers, when they get the taste of unbeatable comfort of getting products delivered right at their doorsteps will make them switch to online grocery shopping.

Opportunity to Save Money

Buying grocery items from online grocery websites can help a lot in saving money. Buying online allows the customers to easily keep track of how much they spend each time as their virtual carts show the added prices of each item and their tally before they checkout. This allows them to make a more planned purchase as per their budget – they can choose products to delete if the total amount exceeds the budget and then checkout. However, this is not much convenient in the case of a physical store – to return the products after realizing you have exceeded the budget at the bill counter.

Buy in Bulk with Ease

Buying products in bulk is an excellent method to cut grocery costs. However, in the case of purchases from physical stores, this means shoppers have to take up extra cart space and carry the weight of bulky packages. With online grocery shopping from online grocery shopping websites, this is much easy and simple – you just need to add the bulk products to the website’s virtual shopping cart and make the purchase to get them delivered absolutely free of delivery or any additional costs.

Now that you have understood the reason why many customers now prefer going digital while making grocery purchases, the question is, have you made the shit. If not, this is the right time – you can take advantage of online grocery store like Quoodo and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free shopping.

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