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8 Ways to Spend Time With Your Dog in Autumn

Autumn is an excellent time to spend time bonding with your precious pooch. The picturesque fall foliage and pleasant weather equal plenty of possibilities for playing outdoors. Why not take advantage of this time before the cold weather creeps in with these pet-friendly, festive autumn activities?

Go Hiking

With the heat of summer calming down and the coldness of winter around the corner, fall is the ideal time to take a breathtaking walk through nature with your canine. Visually take in all of the colors and scents that fall has to offer, all while everyone gets to exercise at the same time.

Enjoy a Tailgating Party

Bringing your dog along to a tailgating party equals a healthy heaping of fun! Play fetch with him in the park or show off his latest tricks. Or, if you decide to stay home on game day, spend time together cheering on your favorite team being couch potatoes. Be sure to be prepared with plenty of snacks!

Go on a Hayride

Logically, before you head out on this venture, check with the farm to make sure that dogs are welcomed. After confirming this, get ready for some autumn fun! You and your dog are sure to enjoy riding around and breathing in the fresh, country air.

Go on a Ghost Tour

After you have found a pet-friendly adventure to explore, get ready to share a unique Halloween experience with your precious pup. Listening to ghost stories and walking around the city is sure to pique your interest while giving your dog plenty of exercise.

Take Your Dog Trick or Treating

Since your dog is a member of the family, it only makes sense that he or she should come with you on your big day of fun. To make things extra interesting, get your doggie its own unique costume so it can fully participate in the tradition of the day.

Go Apple Picking

Another cool outdoor activity for you and your dog is to head to an apple orchard. Apple trees begin producing fruit in the fall, so it’s a great time to enjoy some apple picking. While you are at it, grab some apple cider to take home with you. Although your dog can’t drink cider, apples are a green light for dogs to eat.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Along the same lines as apple picking, visiting a pumpkin patch is a great activity to get you and your dog spending time outdoors together. Picking out the best pumpkin to carve for your jack-o-lantern will be a good time.

Checking the rules ahead of time regarding bringing your dog will save you from any hassle.

Do Some Baking

Now that you are home from your pumpkin patch, why not do some baking? You could bake a pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and the list goes on. Not only is pumpkin a great ingredient in your desserts, it’s actually very good for your dog.

Full of fiber, pumpkin is excellent for your dog’s digestive system. Including just a tablespoon in your dog’s food can help them reap the benefits. Just be sure to never feed them pumpkin that has been flavored with sugar or spices.

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