5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kids’ Cubby House

Playtime is an essential part of childhood. That is when children truly learn to be creative, and as a parent, your job is to ensure that they have the right tools to let their imagination run wild. The cubby house has been one of the most sought-after options by parents for their kids. It’s convenient and provides the kind of space your child needs during playtime.

Do you also have one for your kids but want to make it fun? Here are some really creative ways with which you personalise it and make it a more interactive space for your little ones.

1 Choose a Theme

Once you get a play house for your kid, don’t let it stay how it is! Ask your child what kind of theme they would like. If they want a kitchen, you get to create a space that lets them fulfil their dreams of playing a chef! Or make it space-themed! You can also make it into a beach house and add some sand outside; it will be the perfect summer activity. Furthermore, you can change themes as per seasons or festivals. They will have a lot of fun creating a Christmas-themed cubby!

Choose colours and decor, and don’t forget to include your kid in the whole process.

2 Create a Reading Nook

Every parent wants their child to develop a good reading habit. In order to do that, you can create a cosy corner inside the house by adding a seat or bean bag, a soft cushion, a comfy blanket, and lots of lights. Ask your kid what kinds of books they would like to read and add those to a shelf. If you want to make it even more attractive, you can even add artsy posters of some famous children’s books. You bet your child won’t leave the nook, ever!

3 Add a Whiteboard or Chalkboard

Kids tend to get quite creative, and some of their best artworks use walls as canvases. But if you wish to avoid getting scribbles all over the house, then add chalkboards and whiteboards. They can keep writing, drawing and erasing whenever they want.

4 Display Your Kid’s Artwork

A way to truly personalise your child’s cubby house is by framing their art and hanging them inside. They feel proud of their work, and it will encourage them to keep creating more art. You can also ask your kid to make artwork for the house; it’ll be an activity you and your little one can enjoy together.

5 Create a Signboard

A small but significant addition to your child’s cubby can be a signboard. Having their name on the sign, and letting them decorate it, can help your child feel more attached to the space. Ask your child to put colourful handprints on the signboard, and even add a fun name, like “Emily’s Castle” or “George’s Home Café”. Ask them to think of a name and stir their imagination!

Let Your Child’s Cubby Be Their Safe Space

Playtime is fun, but what’s most important is for your child to feel safe and comfortable in their cubby. Please include your child in the transformation process and motivate them to be as creative as possible! Let them take charge so that they feel more connected to the house. Don’t forget to involve them in maintaining the cubby. You can use cleaning, creativity, and a host of activities centred on the cubby house to create sweet moments of love and bonding with your child.