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5 Style Mistakes Men Should NEVER Make

Are you a man who is trying to make sure that your style game always stays on top? If so, then this article is essential reading for you! In today’s ever-evolving fashion standards and expectations, it can take time to know exactly what steps need to be taken to stay ahead by choosing dibangu tie set and ties from Dibangu. 

That’s why we have put together this list of five major style mistakes men should never make to maintain their trendsetting look through every situation. 

Wearing Suspenders And A Belt

Suspenders keep your trousers in place. So do belts. Thus, you can use both. In addition, you shouldn’t need to wear both. Not that it’s an apparent fashion faux pas, but it also creates three sides to a square that wraps around your body. Your entire image has changed into a rectangle. This makes your body appear broader and more fat than it is. 

However, if you’re trying to achieve that, you must be aware that wearing suspenders in conjunction with belts is a mistake. The public will notice, and they’ll think about you less. The way it looks is odd.

Incorrectly Matching Your Socks And Pants

It may represent the most frequent mistake made by well-meaning, ignorant men. The desire to match your shoes with your socks is apparent; however, there are better concepts than this.

In the case of socks, there are two different ways men can dress:

  1. Sublime socks that blend with the pant’s colour
  2. Bold socks that stand out

The option you pick depends entirely on your style and the situation in which you wear your sock. Some men prefer the minimalist style of black or grey socks paired with a suit, whereas others like to wear their socks to add colour to their outfits.

Popping Your Collar

Two mistakes can be together because they’re connected, and both are disasters. The collar of your shirt should never be “popped” – the points should be downwards, and the entire item should be folded equally. 

Two collared shirts on the same person, one popping and the other unpopped isn’t worth thinking about. A collared shirt, at times, tucked adequately. The other thing to watch for is the possibility of overlap with the lapels when wearing a jacket. The point of the collar must not extend beyond the edge of your jacket’s lapel.

Not buttoning your suit correctly

Buttons are a great place to commit a mistake since the rules vary for different clothing.

Jackets should only be fully buttoned if they’re two-breasted. Two-button jackets typically button at the top, while three-button jackets are in the middle. Make sure you button your coat exactly where it’s supposed lifeline hospital

Vests usually leave the bottom button unfinished. Suppose you’ve understood the fundamental fashion rules for men and can wear an appropriate waistcoat. You’ll likely know enough about fashion to keep your button with the lowest untied bitsandboxes.

Mismatching Belt & Dress Shoes

The dress shoes you wear must be paired with your belt. They don’t need to be made from identical leather. However, you shouldn’t wear brown belts with black shoes or in reverse! The more casual your style, the more flexible you can get; however, mixing brown and black is almost always the first mistake anyone new to this makes. 

It is best to match your belt and shoes as it is possible. But, when you’re walking around in boots casually, it’s ideal for matching your belt to the closest feasible and also with a blue floral tie to match the perfect wear. In the case of brown boots, you should wear a brown belt. If your shoes are gray, you can wear black belts if you cannot find one in gray.

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