5 Exciting Shows On Netflix that you can Enjoy With Tata Play

In recent days, the internet has been extensively used by people of all age groups—no wonder why the entertainment industry is becoming colossal with every passing day. The leading DTH service provider, Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, is ardently working to bring out potential creativity.

Joining hands with Netflix has proved that they are not limiting themselves to the traditional entertainment grounds. The company’s focus is using OTT services to provide wholesome entertainment to its subscribers. People have loved Netflix; consider the platform their ultimate destination for their daily entertainment dose.

The OTT platform has maintained its standards for providing premium and rich content all day. There is no content on Netflix that you will not enjoy. Each of them is intricately designed so that the viewers can remain glued to their screens and binge-watch them.

Introducing Netflix to the Binge Combo Pack

Tata Play has introduced their additional binge combo packs after their revamp. The combo packs now contain 12 OTT platforms in addition to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix along with the DTH offers. Netflix is included within the package, and subscribers can now enjoy the best of both worlds just under a single subscription.

Most of us say “Netflix and Chill”, as we keep bingeing the premium content. The Netflix combo packs will let users choose between 3 Netflix plans – Basic, Standard and Premium. All the plans will let you access all the content in the Netflix library, the difference being in the number of devices on which content can be streamed simultaneously.

You will find that Netflix brings in all kinds of entertainment from different genres. People aged 8 to 80 can devour the best content available on the OTT platform. And with Tata Play at your side, you can watch all the contents of broadcast television networks and OTT platforms together.

Dive into the Top 5 Shows of Netflix with Tata Play

Netflix is so enriched with content that you will never run out of top-class shows. With the subscription of Netflix binge combo packs, Tata Play will present you with an enormous content library. Right from classic series to sitcoms, and movies from all genres, you can switch between any as per your convenience.

Tata Play, the leading DTH service provider, has opened the doors for their consumers to dive into Netflix content. The top 5 shows that you shouldn’t miss out on Netflix this year are:

  • Inventing Anna

Shonda Rhimes’ new series Inventing Anna has gained massive popularity amongst entertainment lovers. After Grey’s Anatomy, this thriller series has won many hearts. Make sure you don’t miss out on any episodes. Divulge into the nail-biting experience right away.

  • Orange Is the New Black

Jenji Kohan’s powerful series Orange Is the New Black has won the hearts of many. The prison comedy and drama will set their standards amongst the viewers.

  • Outlander

Ronald D. Moore’s breakout adaptation Outlander is based on the sweeping romantic novel of Diana Gabaldon. It is a twisting love story centring around World War II.

  • Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan’s crime drama television series has been one of the favourites of many viewers. If you have not watched this series yet, make sure you do soon after getting the Tata Play subscription.

  • Black Mirror

One of the most delicate future fantasy shows you will find on Netflix. You’d be enthralled to see what the future has in store for us.

Ending Note

Other than the shows mentioned above, there are many more to watch on Netflix. And, after the rebranding of the leading DTH service provider, things have potentially become easier. Tata Play has collated all the OTT platforms into one and refined the watching experience for their users. Subscribe to Tata Play today and – Netflix and Chill!