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When Is PPC More Effective Than SEO?

You’ll encounter a lot of debate online about whether search engine optimization or pay per click advertising is the best. In this article, we aren’t going to debate that. Why? Because both SEO and PPC are incredibly powerful and important digital marketing strategies that each have their unique pros and cons. Instead, we’re going to look at when PPC is more effective than SEO. Read on and we’ll explore it in greater depth…

When you need traffic – FAST!

While SEO and organic traffic can be very powerful indeed, there’s no denying the time aspect. The fact is it can take a long time for any SEO campaign to be properly established. As such, if you are looking for ‘instant’ traffic, SEO is not for you.

SEO is all about the long game.

And while it is completely worth investing in a solid SEO campaign, there will be times where instant traffic is needed (e.g., you want to push a new promotion or advertise a last-minute sale).

PPC ads, while technically not instant, do provide lightning-quick traffic. So, if you have a particular blog post that you would like to get as many eyes on as quickly as possible, promoting the post on Google with PPC ads is an effective means of doing so – which can in turn benefit your broader SEO efforts with more shares and backlinks.

When you want to split test some copy and keywords

Everything in SEO moves a little slower and the same applies to split testing (or A/B testing). One of the most attractive benefits of PPC advertising is that you can utilise it to conduct some extensive copy and keyword research – which subsequently helps when doing market research as well.

For example, running two PPC ads side by side and being able to gather almost instant data on which performs better in terms of CTR or conversions. This kind of data can be used to further influence your future PPC ads, or indeed the keywords you choose to focus on in your SEO campaign moving forward.

When you want to pinpoint your target audience

PPC advertising can enable you to create highly targeted adverts for a very specific type of customer. And while you can certainly enjoy a similar level of control with your SEO, there are certain aspects that are out of your hands.

For example: in PPC you can make use of ‘negative keywords’. This means that you can create a long list of keywords that you do not want your advert to appear for. This approach is highly effective at essentially ‘weeding out’ undesirable traffic.

Again, you can attract fairly qualified leads through SEO, but PPC enables you to take it a step further.

Conclusion: Every digital marketing method has its place

In conclusion, there are a number of instances in which PPC can be much more impactful than SEO. Again, that’s not to say that you should prioritise one over the other.

For the best results, we’d strongly recommend that you work on both. Such as hiring a PPC agency that also offers search engine optimization services as well. That way, rather than compete, you can have both strategies complementing one another instead.

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