What Are The Pros And Cons Of Joint Custody?

While the exact definition of custody depends on every state’s laws, in Wisconsin, custody refers to the right you have to make important decisions regarding your children, such as their religion, education, healthcare, and military. It does not pertain to where your child lives. 

There are two types of custody, sole and joint. Joint custody is when parents share equal rights to make decisions about the child’s life. In most circumstances, joint custody is encouraged. Your Wisconsin divorce and & family law attorney can assess your situation and determine whether choosing joint custody will be in the child’s best interests. 

What are the advantages of joint custody?

  • It has a positive impact on your child. 

Divorce can be distressing for your child as well. If you and your ex-spouse put aside your differences to cooperate and successfully co-parent your child, it will help reduce your separation’s adverse effects on them. You must work together in harmony while considering your child’s welfare. It will also help reduce your disagreements and the feelings of resentment or anger you harbor towards each other, leading to better parenting. 

  • The child can spend time with both their parents. 

Often children have feelings of guilt after the divorce. They may feel rejected when a parent leaves and blame it on themselves, leading to low self-esteem. Joint parenting will allow your child to spend time with both their parents without any feelings of guilt. The equal involvement of both parents in the child’s life will help make memories they will cherish for a lifetime. 

  • You share responsibilities. 

Parenting is a challenge, and managing every responsibility by yourself can be stressful. Joint custody allows you to share huge responsibilities with the other parent. These also include financial obligations along with decision-making. 

What are the disadvantages of joint custody?

  • Arguments and conflicts. 

Some parents may be unable to put aside their differences, and co-parenting only leads to increased conflicts and disagreements. Their unresolved marital issues from the past may hinder their relationship post-divorce. Constant fights can harm the child’s emotional state and welfare.

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  • Lack of stability. 

In most joint custody situations, parents also have a shared placement, where the child spends a similar amount of time with each parent. It involves regular shifting and pick-up and drop schedules that can be hard to maintain long-term. It also disrupts the child’s daily routine and prevents them from having stability in one place. 

Your lawyer in Wisconsin helps you choose the custody that will benefit your child the most. They understand your concerns regarding your child’s future and work dedicatedly to ensure that the custody agreement is in their best interests.