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We Found Your Next Dab Rig, And It’s Amazing

Do you ever think about dabbing? It’s been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, and so many people are trying it. But the question is, why?

What makes dabbing something worth trying?

To find out, you have to know what a dab is, and what it looks like, and what dabbing provides in each hit that is different than other forms of intake, and even what you are going to need if you want to dab.

What Exactly Is Dabbing?

Dabbing, by definition, is heating up cannabis, or other concentrates on a hot surface, which makes vapors that are meant to be inhaled. 

Verywell Mind clarifies what an actual dab is for us. It is a highly concentrated substance that contains high levels of whatever you are wanting to inhale-whether that be THC or CBD. You’ve probably heard of shatter, amber, or wax. These are all just different ways to refer to a dab. Ultimately though, it is just a small amount of oil concentrate. 

What this means, in plain terms, is dabbing is when you heat up a dab to create vapors, and then inhale those vapors for a strong and powerfully concentrated hit.

Dabbing offers an experience with incredibly quick and hard-hitting effects, which is why it has gained so much popularity. It also offers a more flavorful experience as well. Because it involves heating up a concentration of cannabis or CBD, dabbing with a high-quality dab rig can truly give you a unique experience, one which offers you more concentrated pain relief and therapeutic effects from cannabis.

Who Has The Best Dab Rig Kit?

If you are reading this article, there is a very solid chance that either 1; you have dabbed before, and you want something quality, or 2; you have never dabbed, but you want to give the whole thing a try.

In either case, we have saved you time and testing, and have found you the perfect kit! Check out the Mini Henail Dab Rig/E-Rig Kit from the folks over at DSH Hub.

How Does One Use A Dab Rig Kit?

Having a quality kit is great, but you have to actually know how to use it. So, let’s go through how to use a dab rig kit as explained by Leafly

Heat Up The Nail

In this first step, you are going to heat up the nail, and it is going to get very hot. you need to heat up your nail. The DSH Hub dab rig kit (linked aboved) allows you to be able to heat up your nail using our battery-powered rig. That means no more lighters, matches, or open flames. This makes things very convenient because the one-button setup of this rig allows you to be able to control the temperature as much as you like. You want to get that nail really hot, so do it until it turns red. 

Cool It Down A Bit

Cool it down! This is important because if you don’t you could end up burning all of your product. For quartz nails, wait for about 45 seconds, and for a titanium nail wait for about 10 seconds. It may take a few times to get it right, but with practice, you’ll find the perfect process.

Dab The Product With The Nail

Go ahead and take the hot nail and put the dab right on it. Make sure when you do this to get as much of the concentrate as possible.


Vaporize the dab and then at the same time inhale. Making sure you are doing these actions at the same time will make or break your experience, so try to be pretty simultaneous with it.

When doing this, make sure you are inhaling at a slow rate, because the concentrated dab will not vaporize immediately as it does in a bong.

Cap It If You Can

Some dab kits come with a carb cap. This dab kit from DSH Hub does, so you want to make sure you tap the dab. This makes sure the vapors aren’t going into the lungs too fast or too slow. It’ll also keep your dab nice and warm.


We know it seems obvious, but everyone needs a reminder every once in a while! Exhale quickly so no vapor is left lingering in the lungs.

Clean The Nail Well

After you exhale, it’s super important to clean your nail right away. This is an important step, because your dabbing may have left some residue on the nail. If you leave that residue and the nail stays dirty, it’ll affect future dabs, and may affect the entire dabbing experience. So make sure you keep the nail clean!

Purchase Your Own Dab Rig Kit

If getting your own dab kit sounds like the move, don’t wait any longer. Go visit the DSH Hub shop to get your very own dab rig kit! They also have tons of options for anyone looking to meet other needs! You can check out all their dry herb vaporizers, hand pipes, and more!

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