Uttarakhand’s Top 5 Treks

It is a place where you can see unselfish mountains, beautiful fields, thick timberlands, wild and thick forests, high lakes and blessed streams, as well as many other scenic vistas. Uttarakhand, a rugged state in North India is attractive to sightseers and tourists for its beauty and laid-back charm. Experience seekers looking for energy and a break from the daily grind of life should plan an excursion to Uttarakhand’s best destinations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adventurer or an amateur, you’ll find the path that excites and makes you shudder.
There are many places to explore in Uttarakhand, from easy walks of 5-10 kilometres through secluded landscapes to more difficult and challenging trips that cover great distances.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba, at 3,022 metres high, is Uttarakhand’s highest peak in the lower Himalayan region. This trip is named after ‘Nag Devta,’ and provides an ideal end-of-the week escape goal for adventure darlings.
The Nag Tibba trip is an unforgettable experience for adventure darlings all over the globe. It boasts the most peaceful and rejuvenating traveling routes through dense wildernesses and knolls. You’ll be surrounded by lush green mountains and dense backwoods on the Nag Tibba Trek. This will allow you to feel passionate feelings about its excellence. You’ll get great deal for Nag Tibba Trek from Thrillophilia.

Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass, which means entryway, is one of the most popular places to visit in Uttarakhand. This trail is also known as Curzon Trail, because Lord Curzon discovered it in 1905. Kuari Pass Trek offers panoramic views of the eastern inclines, including the Garhwal Himalayas and Neelkanth, Mana Hathi Ghori Parvats, Bertholi Trishul, Trishul Dronagiri Kamet, Nanda Devi pinnacles.
It is surrounded by thick oak, deodar and rhododendron forestlands that offer beautiful views. This path is uncommon, but it has guaranteed verdure. You will travel by significant streams such as Kaliganga, Mandakini and Dhauli Ganga. Summer is the best time to visit.

Chopta-Tungnath Trek

The Chopta Tungnath trip is one of the most overlooked places to visit in Uttarakhand. It is well-known for its stunning picturesque beauty and hypnotizing atmosphere. You will reach Tungnath by taking the route to Chandrashila at a height of 4,000m above sea level.
Chopta is a beautiful place with lush vegetation. It is nestled in thick woods with a lovely floor of rhododendrons and is surrounded by pine trees and deodar. You will pass through a sea of silver oak timberlands and rhododendrons in the first half mile. The view opens up to green, snow-capped knolls that lead to Tungnath sanctuary.
According to legends, the arms and legs of Lord Shiva were found here. You will reach the Chandrashila summit after traveling about a kilometer. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Himalayas’ snow-covered pinnacles, which sparkle in the sun beams. It is a great spot to set up camp because of its lush knolls.
Streets that face Gopeshwar and Guptakashi are closely associated with Chopta. It is a beautiful climate with amazing views.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh, a source of the Bhagirathi River’s water, is considered the true wellspring for the River Ganga. Gaumukh is 18kms away from Gangotri and offers breathtaking views of the Bhagirathi tops.
Tapovan 4300m is located past Gaumukh. It includes the stunning knolls at the foot Mount Shivling. Although the Gaumukh Tapovan journeying path is usually delicate, it can get dangerously steep at times. This is an adventure that combines climbing, bouldering, rock climbing, and crossing icy masses in Uttarakhand.
Tapovan is a stunning place to see beautiful snow-covered pinnacles, all lit by the sun. Another attraction of this trail is Akash Ganga. This Ganga flows from the Jata Of Lord Shiva to wash the Shiva Linga. Tapovan’s all-encompassing serenity and excellence will calm, reassure, and hypnotize you.

Dodital Darwa Top Trek

Dodital (or Dodi Lake) is located at 3,024m north of Uttarkashi. Dodi Lake, which is believed to be the source of Lord Ganesha’s birth, is considered a holy lake. You will travel through vast terrains covered in oak trees and rhododendrons. Although it is a long trek, the journey to Dodital takes only a few hours.
The waters are surrounded by thick rhododendrons and deodar as well as pine, oak, and deodar trees. It is home to rare fish such as the Dodi, a Golden Trout, which is also known in the local language. A Ganesha sanctuary is also located near the lake. This is a great spot to rest or do some sports, such as bird watching, sailing, and calculation.

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