Tips for writing an essay

The GRE Issues Essay: You have a better chance of getting into graduate school if you get a flawless 6! Top institutions look for students who can write effectively in addition to having strong verbal and quantitative skills. Students who thrive in the classroom may lack the writing skills to match.


People often claim that the more you practise, the more proficient you become. To study for the GRE online, check up the AWA questions and answer as many as you can in 30 minutes to become familiar with the format. Start working on your project in a test-like environment. You may be able to get away with bypassing the GRE essay portion if you’re an excellent writer. The problem essay is a different sort of essay than you’ve likely written in school, so you shouldn’t practise for it before the exam. An email to a busy professor or employer is the format for the problem essay. The goal of the problem essay is to get your argument through, not to produce a work of art.

Time is of the essence.

The GRE issue essay does not allow for the presentation of all sides of a topic. Only a few minutes will be allotted to each side. You won’t seem as confident or honest if you use a middle ground approach. As the Educational Testing Service (ETS) points out, “readers assess your ability to handle explicit instructions, explain and argue to support your position on the topic.” Do everything you can, regardless of whose side you’re on!


Keep it specific. A bogus assertion may be disproved quickly. Consider if the event in question is likely to occur before responding to “what if?” arguments. As an alternative, provide instances like these: For example, you may tell a story about your uncle Ralph who was a compulsive gambler, the American Revolution, or Keynesian economics. For more info, please visit

Make sure your examples are relevant to the topic at hand, but not go too far off the mark.

Personal experience, popular culture, history, sports, literature, and current events are all good examples to include in your writing. Allowing an excessive number of examples may lead to an unreadable manuscript. Avoid turning your essay into a history article or an event narrative if you use a historical example. Examples in a problem essay should only serve to bolster your position.

Self-referential language and pronouns should be avoided.

Avoid writing an essay in the first person. “I think” words are unneeded since the reader already understands that the essay is written from your perspective. Only use first-person pronouns in a body paragraph if you are offering a personal example. Never use “I” in the start or end of your writing.

Be vocal about what you think.

Reduced misconceptions and miscommunications are benefits of being direct. The fact that one of your graders is human and the other is mechanical necessitates this step. If you’ve ever had a problem with your GPS or Siri, you’re not alone. Establish strong, declarative assertions in your problem essay to avoid this on the GRE.

Rebut the other viewpoint, and you’re done.

The end of one’s essay is a source of much anxiety for many GRE candidates. It’s always a good idea to provide the opposing opinion in order to demonstrate your understanding that not everyone will agree with your point of view. Deconstruct their argument and reaffirm yours. click here the website you can find out the lots of information blastace Read more about topportal