The Internet Can Be a Scary Place

Internet does open up this world of opportunities for you as you get access to all the information you might be looking for or for entertainment purposes or even finding online jobs. While the internet may seem like a bright and “an only good place,” it can sometimes end up being the exact opposite. The internet can be a scary place at times. You may fall into scams, frauds, or become a target of الابتزاز الالكتروني.

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One of the harms of the internet includes cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when a person may mock, degrade, or offend another person on an online platform. This mocking can cause a very bitter feeling in the user’s heart. Hearing these words of discouragement and personal attacks does not bring a pleasant feeling.


The internet brings us access to social media. Cyberbullying also takes majorly place on social media and even many might find themselves being targeted to ابتزاز as some might hack into their accounts and get access to their personal information and pictures.

False information

While the internet is used to get all necessary information for personal or research purposes or just to fulfill one’s curiosity, the reliability of the information can vary. There are various pages or sites that may spread false information without fact-checking. This misinformation can cause confusion or discourage someone from going on the right path. An example of this would be how people are being misinformed online on the effects of the vaccination which eventually discourages them to get vaccinated


There are various websites which when you log in, may ask you for your personal information. Or maybe you may have opened an unfamiliar website with products they are selling or any service. They ask you to write your credit card information just to proceed to check out the rest of the products or articles. Your credit card information may be misused by some of these sites.

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Besides frauds and scams the internet may contain, it also may show unnecessary advertisements and inappropriate images to the audience. Excess use of the internet may also make a person get addicted, lose focus on daily tasks, limited social interaction, and lesser family bonding. The internet has its pros and cons. It is important to be safe and alert when using the internet. Do not forget that as well as to be cautious! Place is for lovers of new twists in daily life