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The Best Nile Cruise in Cairo

Nile Cruises are the most popular means of touring the River Nile. Travelers can choose from traditional Egyptian sailing boats or modern, high-end cruise ships. Most trips begin in Aswan and sail to Aswan’s surrounding islands. Despite the strong current, the river’s northern side is sheltered, ensuring that the boats are not marooned or damaged. Some of the most famous felucca routes start from Kom Ombo and go upstream towards Edfu and Esna.

For a more authentic experience, try a dahabiyya. The Meroe is an elegant replica of a 19th-century Egyptian dhow. It is the largest and most comfortable dahabiyya on the Nile. The boat’s owners run the vessel and the guests have exclusive access to the interior. Cabins are spacious with private bathrooms and large windows to enjoy the view.

Nile Cruises in Aswan offer the most pristine, peaceful, and beautiful views. Many of them also offer spa services, a fitness center, and a sundeck with breathtaking views. The cabins come equipped with a minibar, TV, desk, bathrobes, and desk. The Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise is a popular hotel in Cairo. For a truly luxurious Nile Cruise, consider staying in an ocean-class hotel.

If you’re looking for luxury on a budget, consider an Egypt tailor-made tour. These tours offer customized excursions to the most important sights. For example, you can choose the Nile cruise that includes a day trip to Abu Simbel Temple. In addition, there’s also a large shopping area onboard. Onboard restaurants and bars have a good selection of fine dining. The Nile also has an excellent selection of wine and spirits.

When planning your Nile cruise, be aware of the weather. The best time to visit Aswan is from October to April, as the summers are hot in Luxor and Aswan. In these two cities, the average temperature in these cities is usually more than 40 degrees Celsius, and tourists should avoid these periods unless they’re planning to hike in the desert. A Nile Cruise may be the best way to see the Nile.

You’ll find many Nile cruise operators in Egypt. It’s not hard to find the right one for your needs. You’ll be able to choose from several different kinds of boats and experience the beauty of the River Nile on a unique cruise. Just remember that the best way to experience the river is to book an excursion. You’ll have an opportunity to experience the sights in a completely different way and spend more time exploring the city than you ever imagined.

If you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll want to select a luxury Nile cruise. The luxury ships are equipped with thoughtfully designed spaces, good water filtration, and plenty of deck space. You’ll be able to stop at ancient sites along the way and take pictures of the riverside scenery. While many of these ships cost more than other nile cruises, the luxury ones are more expensive.

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