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Signs That Indicate It Is Time To Renovate Your Bathroom

Since your bathroom is expected to be the most worn out room within your home, it is regarded as a very used area that is expected to endure extensive wear and tear over a period of time. Have you found yourself spending a lot of money on bathroom repairs? Well, maybe it is time to renovate. Even though your bathroom may be working and functioning fine, there may be some signs that you have missed. From damages to an outdated design and a lack of storage, there are a number of reasons as to why you should renovate your bathroom.

Being able to get started on your renovation now can mean you will be able to reap the value of your bathroom earlier and for generations to come. With some new modern bathroom ideas in mind, it’s time to get a head start and figure out if it is time to renovate your bathroom. Below are a few factors that indicate it is time to renovate your bathroom.

Leaks Are Present

A major tell-tale that it is time to renovate your bathroom is when there are leaks. Either if it is from your shower, bath, toilet or sink, water leaking within your bathroom can be very damaging to your home. If puddles of water begin to form close to electrical openings, it can be very dangerous, and it can quickly form into an even larger problem if water has soaked into the drywall or plaster or within tiles and underneath the floor.

A gradual leak can even produce an extensive load of damage. This for the most part is because it can generally easily be overlooked or ignored. Search for even the slightest indicators of such leaks by looking for any areas that are damp, plaster that is soft or bubbling, or even cracked tiles where water can escape into and form beyond a wall or beneath a bathtub.

Outdated Bathroom Design

A clear sign that it is time to renovate your bathroom is when you walk into your bathroom and see that the decor and colours are starting to look worn and outdated. It may be that your style has changed over the years, or perhaps the bathroom trends have changed. No matter the reason, if the colour and style of your bathroom look unappealing, it’s time to renovate.

The type of colour, style and decor that your bathroom has can play a major role in determining how the bathroom will look in the future. If some of your fixtures look outdated, consider replacing them with more contemporary and modern fixtures. Or, if some of your current tiles are old, try replacing them with a more trendy pattern, such as a herringbone pattern.

Lack Of Storage

Storage is a very important element when it comes to your bathroom. If you happen to not have enough space to store your bathroom necessities, it is time that your bathroom requires a renovation. Bathroom renovations are key to producing all the storage that you require without compromising on space due to those store-bought organisers that you previously purchased.

Whether it is a small bathroom renovation or a big bathroom renovation, professional bathroom renovation companies are able to provide you with a range of unique bathroom renovation solutions so that you can integrate loads of storage into your bathroom makeover.

Current Bathroom Design Is Not Functional

There comes a time when bathrooms are sometimes poorly designed. The layout of the bathroom may be crammed and overcrowded, or storage had not been taken into consideration when the bathroom was first built. Whatever the reason may be, a terribly designed and unfunctional bathroom can turn into a daily nuisance. If you cannot come to terms with the functionality of your current bathroom, it is definitely time to renovate.

Mould Escalation

If you do happen to encounter a leak in your bathroom, the space may begin to smell very damp and stale. This may mean that you have a mould issue. Mould thrives in conditions that are moist, and the bathroom is the perfect space for mould to produce and spread. Mould can begin to form on the borders of your bathtub or shower and even grow in the grout linking your tiles. You may also start to observe dark patches on your ceiling. Once the mould cluthes onto a surface, it can start to spread. Keep in mind that mould can also emerge at the back of your bathroom walls or in your ceiling, as well as in other places that are out of sight and cannot be easily noticed. Mould is a health risk, so it is vital that you deal with this problem as soon as it arises.

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Whether you are experienced bathroom renovators or simply an amateur at bathroom renovations, a reputable bathroom renovations company can assist you with creating your dream bathroom through high-quality materials and workmanship. From small bathroom renovations to large bathroom installations, the experts are ready to help through the process from beginning to end. Begin your bathroom renovation journey today!

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