Rexburg Sports Medicine

The Pick PT Physical Therapy department offers sports medical care and advice for all athletes, regardless of level, talent or age.

You can contact our sports doctors for:

  • Personal sports coaching
  • Diagnostic examination and the best treatment advice for a sports injury or exercise-related complaint
  • Training advice, for example, a running race or rehabilitation after injury or illness
  • Training plans based on heart rate and power based on an exercise test
  • Sports medical examinations for training, medical certificates and sports licenses

In addition, our sports doctors provide sports medical support to various amateur and professional sports clubs in the region about injury prevention, nutritional and training advice and rapid diagnosis of sports injuries.

We work closely with sports physiotherapists, general practitioners, orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists. That’s not for nothing. Together we work towards one goal:

The sports medicine department is part of Pick PT, the High-Performance Medical Center. The department offers sports medical diagnostics, guidance and treatment tailored to all athletes.

Sports Medicine

You can go to the general Rexburg sports medicine department for an injury consultation, exercise-related complaints or a sports medical examination (formerly: sports examination) at a sports doctor. People with a chronic condition who want to exercise again can also contact us for exercise advice.

Sports Medicine Focus Areas

Sports medicine mainly focuses on the following areas of interest:

  • diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries
  • exercise-related complaints (e.g., shortness of breath with exertion)
  • sports medical examination with possibly an exercise test (formerly: sports examination)
  • guidance of chronically ill who want to exercise more

Treatment And Inspection

Pick PT’s sports doctors to assist both amateur and professional athletes. They treat injuries but also give advice. In addition, they support people with a chronic illness or disability with sports. Even if you are not yet sporting but are considering starting this, you can contact Pick PT for advice and/or an inspection.

The sports doctors work together with other specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists. If necessary, they can refer you to a (sports) dietician. Sports doctors can use our options to take X-rays, MRI scans, and perform blood tests.

Injury Consultation

Our special injury consultation is available for those who suffer from an injury. This may concern acute or permanent knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, back, or wrist complaints. During the consultation, the sports doctor usually makes a diagnosis quickly. He will then draw up a treatment plan with you.

The sports doctor can often treat you himself. Or he can advise you on, for example, adjustments in material, training schedules, diet, or the adjustment of a racing bike. During the consultation, you can also ask questions about nutrition, sports equipment, preventive braces, or sports with a disability or a chronic illness.

Sports Medical Examinations

A sports medical examination beforehand is essential if you want to exercise responsibly. This research enables us to identify risk factors for cardiovascular disease promptly. In addition, with the sports doctor’s advice, you can prevent future injuries and other health problems. We offer various types of sports medical examinations.


Sports are popular in Rexburg. Many people exercise regularly or want to start exercising (again). It doesn’t matter which group you belong to. If you want to get the most out of your sport and be responsible, the Sports Medicine department is the right place for you. We can guide you optimally and treat you if you have injuries or experience problems with sports.

We carry out sports medical examinations, guide athletes and sports events and test and guide people with chronic conditions. At our sports injury consultation, you can have sports-related complaints assessed and treated. Our sports doctors work closely with a well-coordinated team of (sports) physiotherapists, dieticians and sports psychologists on your health and sports performance.