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Rash on hands and nails from irritants

Skin diseases of the hands and nails It is common in people who are exposed to various chemicals. The more sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย people. Rashes can easily occur, such as soap, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaner, detergent, or even frequent hand washing. This causes the skin and nails to lose balance. In addition, frequent handling and friction with things It may make your hands rough. As well as having a matte or hard leather known as “fish eyes” can happen here.

Risk group

Fathers, mothers, nannies, housewives, doctors, nurses because of this group of people have to do everything a hundred and eight thousand ka including taking care of order cleanliness in the house Cooking, washing clothes, washing dishes, washing baby bottles, in addition, other occupations that have to come into contact with irritating substances. There are many other professions. Each occupation is exposed to different chemicals. For example, doctors or nurses often have to wash their hands, wash their hands with soap and disinfectants before and after examining patients, blood surgery, injections, housewives and cleaning staff. It must be in contact with products that are clean. Cooks or chefs have to come into contact with food such as vegetables and fruits that may cause a cause from what the doctor said briefly. about this

  1. Contact dermatitis (CD) Characteristics are usually red, flaky, peeling, dry skin, may be cracked, itching and burning may be present.

Most causes are from exposure to irritants (ICD) rather than from contact sensitization (ACD). These irritants are usually in the form of chemicals. at high acidity or alkalinity The chances of getting a rash are more or less that. depending on the concentration of the substance in contact exposure to cleaning chemicals often have a high alkalinity which is not close to the PH value of the skin with a weak acidity (A pH value of about 5) causes the fat in the skin to be created by the body. to act as a natural moisturizing product washed away The skin is dry and unbalanced. as well as subsequent rashes Although the chemicals are not very irritating. but if touched repeatedly It can also provoke such a rash, such as washing your hands too often with plain water.

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  1. Chronic paronychia malformations of the nails are characterized by a groove that separates the base of the nail and the skin. Proximal nail fold where some of the tissue covering the base of the nail is missing (Nail cuticle). Visit Here: topworld56

The cause is caused by exposure to irritants. If repeated exposure Some of the nails may be rough and deformed. Because it affects the location of nail matix cells located at the base of the nail (Proximal nail fold), in some cases, yeast infections such as Candidia spp. such as Candida ronychia are found together, resulting in inflammation on the milk, redness, pain. nail base Together with the characteristics may require a differential diagnosis. from inflammation, swelling, redness from bacteria

  1. Bunion or leather Caused by repeated friction until the skin thickens Often found in the area where pressure or friction is frequent. which the position of the bunion in each individual will be different Depending on the nature of work or hobbies that Hands on the device to do something often, such as a housewife holding a mop. chef holding knife gardener holding a hoe The surgeon holds scissors and surgical instruments. An athlete holds a golf or tennis racket.


If there is a rash or abnormal nails Seeing a doctor for appropriate treatment Probably the best answer.


  1. If you know that a person has sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย Avoid touching irritating substances with bare hands, such as thinner, laundry detergent. Detergent, dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaner And avoid contact with certain foods such as oranges, lemons, onions, chilies, garlic. We should always wear gloves before coming into contact with these irritants. By choosing gloves that are suitable for the following types of work

– Use polyurethane plastic gloves, vinyl gloves or PVC gloves are more suitable than latex gloves. (Medical gloves) which may cause an allergic reaction from rubber.

– The inside of the gloves must be dry. If it gets wet it should be removed. then change a new pair Or wipe dry before wearing again. – Do not wear gloves for more than 10-15 minutes at a time because it can cause dampness and irritation.

– If you sweat a lot Put another layer of white cloth gloves inside. to absorb sweat while working

Wearing gloves may make it difficult to work at first. But you need to practice to get used to it. to heal the inflamed skin rash It also prevents bruising. and should not wear a ring while doing housework or washing hands Because the soap that remains under the ring will cause irritation Inflammatory rash on the hand can aggravate.

  1. Apply moisturizing products. Should be applied often, especially if the skin is dry, very unbalanced, after washing your hands every time. It will help the skin to return more moisture. reduce the occurrence of rashes Some moisturizing products have a Shielding effect, which is a protective coating on the skin. Make contact with substances or washing hands next time. Irritants will not come into contact with our hands directly.
  2. Choose the right hand soap. Soap that is less irritating to the skin will have a Phi H value of about 5, which is close to the skin condition No surfactants, no fragrance.

in case of dermatitis caused by irritants If contact with that substance cannot be avoided At least try to find protective equipment is still good. You get to use two hands Take care of your loved ones or do a career that you are proud of for a long time. Comfortable, no pain, no itching, no rashes, no cracked skin. This information will be helpful. For healthy hands and nails that do not crack, do not itch and help you to be happy at work.

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  • Always wear gloves before coming into contact with irritants.
  • Apply moisturizing products often.
  • Choose a soap with a pH value close to 5.


  • Contact with irritants with bare hands.
  • Wash your hands often.


What is the treatment for nail removal? Have you got the standard?


nail removal treatment Not a cure for rashes

Inflamed skin and abnormal nails in this case But it is considered a standard treatment. If done correctly, indications such as treatment of ingrown toenails nail fungus (in some cases)

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