Pros and Cons of Movie Adaptations over Books

Book reading and watching movies are popular hobbies people have to recharge in their leisure time and be entertained. Both provide comfort to the people. They let you enter the world of imagination with restrictions of reality. They are a great means to relax, learn, and enjoy. ‘Books VS Movies. Which is better?’ has been an age-old debate topic. Many books have also been made into movies and people often argue over which is better. Examples of such movies include The Harry Potter series, Matilda, The Hunger Games, Twilight, etc. There are both positives and negatives of movie adaptations over books.


There are many reasons why people prefer movies over books.

More Convenient as They Save Time

Reading books and watching movies is an activity that people tend to do in their free time. People prefer films and find them more convenient as they can be completed in one to two hours. In comparison to this, it can take days, weeks, or even months for some people to finish a book. As the leisure period is often restricted and less, people favour movies over books to save time.

Less Costly

The prices of books are drastically rising nowadays. This is mainly because the process of publishing a book is long and expensive. In contrast, you can watch movies for free even. Watching movies in cinemas, however, does require you to pay for the ticket but it is not as costly as buying a book. In addition to this, you can access any เว็บดูหนังฟรี on the internet and stream movies for no cost at all.

Appeal a Wider Audience

Movies appeal to a wider audience as compared to books. Not everyone has a hobby of reading books, but almost every individual enjoys watching a movie. Movies also provide entertainment to people with ADHD who have trouble concentrating and completing books.


Along with positive aspects, movies have negative features as well.

Books Are Rich in Detail

Books contain far more details than movies. Filmmakers have to squeeze a complete book into a maximum of two to three-hour films. This results in many scenes and even characters getting cut off hence losing valuable details.

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Books Enhance Your Written Expression

Books not only provide entertainment but can also be valuable teachers. They greatly help in developing writing skills and the written expression of the readers. Books are a source to learn new terms and writing styles by reading the works of professional and exceptional writers. Dialogues in the movies can also somewhat help in this area but not to the extent of books.

Books Allow You to Understand the Plot and Characters Better

Books carry far more detailed descriptions of scenes, emotions, and thoughts of characters. This makes understanding the plot and characters extremely easy. Written content has more power and effect than verbal speech that is why it can be difficult for some people to understand the dynamics of the movie. More Information Visit this site: f95zone