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Natural Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

Now that the weather has become cooler, you might be less likely to open your windows at home because you don’t want to be cold. It’s completely understandable and one of the main reasons why the seasonal flues are so common during the colder months. Proper ventilation is required so that the air can get cleared of any allergens and pollutants causing you harm. While fresh air is the base for a good smelling house, there are also other ways to naturally incorporate scents into it.

Here at House Sales Direct, we have gathered the most harmless ways for you to make your home smell amazing all the time, especially during the winter months when the air indoors tends to be stuffier than normal.

1.    Open Windows

As we have just said, it might be harder for you to open windows when the temperatures outside are freezing and you just want to stay warm inside. However, even when that is the case you must still open windows at any chance you get. Surely, you shouldn’t stay in the room where the window is open and be cold, but you could potentially keep it open while you are grocery shopping or doing something in a different room. Even sneaking in a few minutes a day could help with the unpleasant odors in your house and leave the space much fresher and ready to have some lovely natural smells added to it.

2.    Prevent Bad Odors

There is a saying that goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it really does apply to this case. The best way to have a nicely smelling house is to try and limit the number of bad odors or prevent things from getting an unpleasant smell. For instance, around the bin is often a place where these kinds of smells arise so making sure that it is always clean and the trash is taken out regularly will ensure that no bad aromas form in that area. Cleaning your refrigerator is also a way to ensure no smelling food will take over the overall home aromas.

3.    Clean the Carpet

Before you start vacuuming, you might want to freshen up the carpets first. There is a lot more dirt inside the carpet than it normally appears on the surface, and it is sometimes one of the biggest reasons for smelly homes. It tends to hold onto bacteria, mould, and any other small particles which are not always easy to clean. That is why you might want to try and deodorize it with baking soda first. While many may reach out to harsh chemicals first, baking soda is a natural ingredient which will become your best friend for all-purpose cleaning around the house. Simply sprinkle a good layer of it on top and let it stay for at least an hour, then vacuum the powder away alongside the nasty smells.

4.    Use Essential Oils

If you want to get rid of all those chemicals which are used to make your home smell nice, essential oils will become your second best friend after baking soda. There are many ways you can incorporate them into both your cleaning and on their own. For example, soaking cotton balls with your favourite essential oil scent and placing them in random places for increased aromas is a smart trick you could do. Whether you place them in your wardrobe and make your clothes smell nice or in areas where unpleasant odors tend to occur, such as the bin is a good place to start. What’s more, you could create your own essential oil diffuser which will ensure that only natural ingredients are used in the making of it. All you will need is a little glass jar with an opening large enough to put some wooden skewers in, a choice of oil (coconut, almond, baby) and 20-30 drops of your favourite essential oil scent.

5.    Cook Spices

With Christmas just around the corner, it is now the perfect time to start incorporating those Christmassy smells into our homes. One of the most common ways to do that is by getting a candle, however, a lot of them are not good for the environment. Therefore, another way would be to do it yourself in a more natural way. For instance, you could make some mulled wine and cook those yummy spices such as cinnamon, star anise and oranges which will leave your house smelling of them for days. Alternatively, you could also bake something with them or put some in a slow cooker. It will guarantee not only pleasant aromas but warmth for your house as well.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your house has to smell nasty and be filled with stuffy and stale air. When using natural ingredients, you ensure that you care both for your wellbeing as well as the one of the environment. It’s only a plus that they also provide great aromas, keeping our homes clean, fresh and smelling amazing at all times.

This article was written by an online estate agent House Sales Direct. If you wish to sell house fast and for free, then head over to the House Sales Direct website for more property related information and enquiries.

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