How to Choose the Perfect Mattress for Your Home

The older we get, the more we start appreciating a good night’s sleep and begin valuing our comfort above anything else. Picking the right mattress for you is among the most important decisions you will have to make as it closely links to both your physical and mental health. What’s more, scientists also agree that getting a good sleep during the night is one of the best ways to maintain good health. That is the reason why it is essential to choose the perfect one for your posture, sleeping position and one which will be suitable for your budget as well.

Deciding on a mattress can be very individual and there is not one single option which fits all. There are, however, ways for you to identify the good from the bad, the different types and how they can match your personal preferences. Here at We Buy Any House, we have created a simple guide for you to help you when choosing a mattress for your bedroom.

1. Determine The Budget

As with any big purchase it is essential to begin by determining a budget that suits you and your needs. Being realistic and making compromises where needed is what it is all about. You will find that mattresses in the online space tend to be a bit cheaper and offer regular discounts, however, you must make sure that the quality reflects the price fairly. Otherwise, you may end up paying a lot for a low-quality product.

2. Choose a Type

It can become rather overwhelming when you start considering mattress types so that is why we have gathered the most commonly used ones – foam, innerspring and hybrid. Under foam mattresses fall the memory foam and latex ones which both have amazing health benefits. The innerspring has a coil-based support system and make a great option for more budget friendly buyers. They tend to be bouncier, more supportive and firmer, however, lacking some pressure relief so if you have some back or shoulder pains, you might want to consider another type. The hybrid as you can probably tell is a combination between the innerspring and foam type.

3. Determine Firmness

Generally, lighter people tend to gravitate towards a softer mattress while heavier people go for a firm one. This does not have to specifically be the right thing for you as it depends on your needs and whether you have any back pain, preferences or specific sleeping position. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you might be better with a medium or firm mattress, whereas if you are a side sleeper you should probably go with a softer one. At the end of the day, you should trust what feels comfortable for you, your body will not lie to you. So even though these suggestions tend to be true most of the time, there are always exceptions. For instance, it is a myth that people with bad backs should get a firm mattress. Many medium firm ones are preferred by chiropractors especially if they have natural fillings and pocket springs which follow the curves of your spine perfectly.

4. Take Your Weight into Account

As already mentioned, your weight may play a role in how comfortable you will feel on a mattress and how durable it will be in the long run. As heavier people will sink into a mattress more it might be worth getting a firmer one so that you maintain its good condition for longer. Lighter people would be more suitable for softer mattresses, but they do not have to necessarily get one.

5. Consider a Topper

If you prefer added comfort, you should consider getting topper for your mattress as an extra. They are not too thick so it should not add too much height to your bed and in return they can give you any preference you desire. Many people choose this option as an alternative to a new mattress, but it definitely is not as durable as it. If you want a more permanent fix to your sleep, you might want to consider either just a brand new mattress or both.

Finding the product which will suit your needs and preferences is much better than choosing one which may hurt your body more and worsen your night’s sleep. Mattresses are not generally cheap so if you have to splurge a little bit over budget in return for a mattress which matches everything that is good for your body and health you should definitely not think twice about it.

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