How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

Everybody knows that smoking in general is very bad for you, or so I would imagine this day and age considering how vehemently opposed to smoking all of society seems to be. It is frankly a little annoying how vehemently militant they actually are, because it is gone above and beyond just encouraging minors to avoid it and for people to avoid smoking around other people who don’t want to smoke. People have this hyper- nanny mentality to nag people about things that are bad for them, and they really shouldn’t act like this. Regardless, people who are seeking a healthier way to live should be aware that smoking is indeed bad for them, I just think this should be something that people should be allowed to come to a conclusion about on their own, and I’m sure you agree.

Smoke from dry herbs is not as unhealthy nor as toxic as tobacco smoke on average, but all smoke is hazardous due to the fact it is comprised of ash and carcinogenic compounds as well as the oils that provide the flavor and whatever active ingredient is in any given substance.

Finding another way to imbibe that flavor and that herb is obviously going to be less hazardous, especially in the case of things that aren’t actually tobacco. However, a dry herb vaporizer can be used for tobacco too, believe it or not.

A vaporizer is far healthier because it doesn’t actually burn whatever you put in it. It is actually very similar to vape technology used by smokers is a healthier alternative in other situations, it just doesn’t use juice to provide the substances you imbibe, they still come from the herb or tobacco that you choose to put in them.

How do these work, though? Essentially, they apply a very rapid dry heat but no oxygen to a chamber containing your dried herb, heating it up enough to evaporate the oils but not actually ignite them due to the lack of said oxygen. This results in a vaporous mist that you inhale, which is less irritating, tastes better and does not have any of the nasty side effects that inhaling actual smoke can induce.

The end result is that you simply dump out the spent herb, and can enjoy a much healthier practice of enjoying your dry herbs or tobacco without most of the caustic results from smoking. There is also no odor, no secondhand smoke, no ash or any of that, and no danger from having a burning thing in your hand especially when intoxicated.

A general vaporizer or a specific dryer vaporizer utilizes a standard USB-chargeable battery, and they take only a minute or less to heat up and provided enjoyable experience.

Now, let me point out that there is still some health risk depending on the herb you are using, because there may be things in the oil or the very substance you are seeking from the herbs, well, it may or may not be all that good for you. The oil from tobacco, for example, is still somewhat toxic, but far less so when vaporized versus being burned. Use of these devices is prohibited anywhere than any other form of smoking, tobacco use or the like is forbidden, so don’t try to use these on a bus, a plane or in public spaces that don’t allow smoking!