How Do Trucking Safety Regulations Affect My Case?

Truck drivers and trucking companies must follow state, federal, and local trucking regulations to control road accidents. Unfortunately, the unreasonable demands for drivers, from overload delivery schedules to long drives on the road, may result in regulations violation contributing to severe accidents.  

If you are injured in a truck accident, contact a Philadelphia truck accident attorney to find out the rules that have been violated and how to protect your case. Your experienced truck attorney will investigate your accident and determine if laws were violated and how they affected your case. 

How do trucking safety regulations affect my case?

  • Federal regulations

There are several essential rules that trucking companies and their employees must follow.

  • Hours of service

Federal guidelines have a limited number of hours a truck driver should drive in a day and between breaks. There are various rules for drivers carrying goods and drivers carrying passengers. The rules were made to reduce the number of fatigued-driving accidents, which is typical for drivers who push their limits to drive more distance to meet deadlines. 

Property-carrying drivers- Cargo drivers must have a maximum of 11 hours on the road after having ten continuous hours off duty.

Passenger-carrying driver- Passenger drivers must have a maximum of 10 hours of driving after eight continuous hours off duty. 

  • Truck maintenance

Truck companies are responsible for maintaining their truck for safety on the road and do not pose any hazard to other vehicles and passengers. They should keep records for inspection and maintenance. 

  • Alcohol and drug testing

Truck drivers abided by strict guidelines for alcohol and drug testing at certain intervals, which include the following:

  1. Before getting employed
  2. After an accident
  3. Anytime when driving
  4. When suspected of impairment
  5. Returning to duty after a violation
  6. Part of the substance abuse program 

Common causes of negligence truck accidents

Truck accidents occur due to error and negligence. Mentioned below are some of the causes of truck accidents.

  • Distracted driving

Driving for long on the highway can be monotonous and may draw drivers to use their phones or engage in other activities which may distract them.

  • Fatigue

Driving long distances, especially at night, can increase the chances of a fatigued driving accident.

  • Inadequate training

There is always a lack of truck drivers in the country, and most of them are not appropriately trained.  

  • Overloaded cargo

Overloaded cargo can dislodge from trucks and fall on the road or highway, hitting other vehicles behind them or making an obstacle on the road.