Got A Big Family? Living Room Furniture Suggestions Just For You!

Living rooms are special. It is the one allocated space in your home used for the sole purpose of relaxation, entertaining and conversations with loved ones. Whether it is to host friends over dinner or chill with family on the couch binge-watching a thrilling series, both require a planned living room furniture layout to support the experience.  Having a good layout ensures optimal space usage while enhancing the intended experience of fun and relaxation with a big group. But how does one achieve the ideal living room look for a large family in a limited space? No sweat, take inspiration from our suggestions for living room furniture that’ll help you create a warm, inviting and functional space in your home.

Seating is everything

Picking comfortable seating for your living room is half the battle won. Not only should it have the right firmness levels supporting the sitter but must be the right size to be able to accommodate large numbers. Sectional sofas offer seating solutions without making the room look overly crowded. The modern alternative to the traditional layout, these sofa’s offer versatility by creating blocks of functional seating. Choose from love seats, recliners, chairs, armrests, sofa cum beds to mix and match and form the perfect seating layout that suits you.  Brands like Wakefit have an L-shaped sofa set online with a left-aligned chaise that not only allows you to incorporate many numbers of guests at a time but is perfect if you like to have a lie-in while watching TV.

Pouf’s and Ottomans

These seating options are the perfect solution when you have an unexpected number of guests of family visiting. Because these have neither backs nor arms, they don’t take up much space in the room and can be tucked under tables. Ottomans and Poufs can also be used as footrests for elderly family members who need to stretch their feet out for comfort. Pull these single pieces of furniture out to join the rest of the layout as and when required.


Adding curtains, cushions and rugs to a seating automatically make the seating area warm and comfortable. Keep in mind to:

  • Get tall curtains that start from the ceiling to the floor. This one trick makes the room look tall and large, letting plenty of natural light seep in through the windows.
  • Purchase a rug that covers the entire seating area making it cosy for all the family members seated. A large rug can section out the area while giving an illusion of extended space. It also makes sitting on the floor, very comfortable and warm. At the very least, pick a rug that covers the front legs of the couch and other seating options.
  • Fluff up your seating by adding cushions on the couches. It adds excellent back support when your three-seater is hosting more than three people on it scooptimes.

Coffee table:

Being the focal point, choosing a coffee table has to be done with care. Especially if you have a small living room that needs a large seating capacity. It’s best to pick one that’s sturdy, stylish and multi-functional with plenty of storage options inside. Sounds impossible? Check out the Coffee Table that is sophisticated, sleek and even has a drawer to hide your remotes, snacks, chargers, etc. Choosing a large coffee table is beneficial as it acts as the anchor giving options to all guests to leave their drinks on.

If space really is an issue, arrange two smaller coffee tables that can be moved around as per convenience. Alternatively, pick a glass top coffee table that gives the illusion of space while being functional too.

Wall shelves

A large family has a large bank of memories. Why not create a beautiful conversation starter by adding photos and other memorabilia on compact and aesthetic wall shelves? Hang these on the blank wall behind the couch to put up collectables, plants, pictures, artefacts that remind you of your best memories yet as a family.

TV Unit

The main function of a TV Unit is to secure a TV safely with its cords and bits attached. While most TV Units can be an eye-sore with TV accessories and cables hanging around- opt for a neat TV Unit that removes the focus from them with its many compartments to store attractive items. Not only are they brilliant for display and storage but also break away from the traditional design of TV stands. Use the compartments to display your most prized books too!

Side tables

No living room furniture is complete without these! Pick side tables for either side or for between couch layouts. The number of side tables entirely depends on the seating numbers and should aim at providing comfortable access to a table while seated.

Tips for a good layout:

  • Make sure to place seating and tables in close proximity. Side tables should be approximately the same height as the nearest seating. Coffee tables, on either hand, can be lower than seating too.
  • Always use a mix of overhead and side lamps. The more options to play with lighting, the better to set the mood. A floor lamp may look good behind a lazy chair, while side table lamps are best beside either side of a couch. Ensure to keep lighting options at different levels to create a dynamic look.
  • Avoid pushing furniture against the wall. While we are all tempted to maximise space by pushing furniture against the wall- refrain from doing so. It’s important to give breathing space to all furniture and create seamless traffic flow, especially with a big family newsintv.

With all tips in hand, the most important thing to do is to bring them all together by planning ahead. Sketch out your ideas and functionality must-have’s well in advance to avoid mishaps. Measure up your space in hand and visit furniture stores online to note down the dimensions of your potential purchase. This way, you’ll be able to know what fits and what doesn’t for sure famousbiography!