Google Smart Speakers: A Review

A smart speaker is probably a great addition to your household, whether you have a smart home or not. They are not just specifically made for homes that have other smart devices around to sync with because on their own smart speakers can be very useful.

Other than their compatibility with other smart devices that give them the ability to become voice-enabled, smart speakers can perform the most basic of tasks like playing music from over millions of choices from YouTube or your personal playlists on Spotify to checking weather updates or simple internet searches that you would’ve otherwise had to Google. It’s like having a virtual assistant in your home.

Smart speakers come installed with voice assistants – like the Alexa for Amazon’s smart speakers and Google Assistant for the Google Nest Smart Speakers series. These are what make smart speakers the virtual assistants that they are for our homes. Though there are several smart speakers out there in the market, here’s a look at some smart speakers from the Google Nest series.

Google Nest Audio

You would find that any Google Nest audio review is almost always talking about its rich sound quality. For $99.99, the Nest Audio boasts sound that is 75% louder and with 50% more Bass than the original Google Home.

Other than just being a speaker with brilliant sound, the Nest Audio can do much more. With easy setup through the Google Home app, you can connect other smart devices around your home to this little smart speaker – smart lights, the thermostat, smart sprinklers even. All you would have to do is say ‘Hey Google, turn off the lights!’

A lot of smart speakers are not compatible with Chromecast, but the Nest Audio is. Chromecast basically makes it easier for you to mirror your phone or tablet, or any Chromecast-enabled device to your TV, so be ready to watch all your Netflix shows with some of the best room-engulfing sound thanks to the Nest Audio.

Google Nest Mini

Retailing for $49, this is by far one of the latest smart speakers of the Google Nest series. Compact in size, and available in four beautiful shades that fit right into any space, the Nest Mini can do so much for something so small. As they say, good things come in small packages, right?

The Nest Mini lets you configure and sync other smart devices around your home – if not those then even just your smartphone, to enable voice control for hands-free help. Let’s not forget it gives that modern touch where your home is controlled simply with your voice – sounds amazing isn’t it?

And to think this was just a mere concept a few years ago! Turn your lights on or off, set a schedule for your thermostat to follow while you’re caught up with your busy daily routine, or play any music from over the millions of selections available on YouTube, or even just your personalized music playlists on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music.

With Voice Match you can set up to six recognizable voices, for everyone in the household to individually have control over the home and their personal reminders and schedules. So if ever in the event that your mom’s not home, you can turn down the thermostat if the house is getting too cold.

Google Home Assistant

Another one of Google’s best smart speakers in the market, the Home Assistant is bigger in size compared to the Nest Mini and the Nest Audio, and retails for $99. With the Home Assistant you can enjoy bigger and richer sound, and get some big help around the home.

Check for weather updates if it looks like it’s going to rain later in the day. Check for the traffic situation on your daily route before you head out for work. Have your emails read out to you as you quickly try to whip up some breakfast in the morning when you’re already late for work. There is so much that the Home Assistant can do – anything that a literal assistant would!

The Home Assistant is also compatible with other smart home devices around your home and not just your smartphones. You can schedule the smart lights to switch on or off during sunset hours and dawn every day, you can turn down the thermostat while you’re cooking in the kitchen, you can start the smart coffee maker while you change in the morning for work, or even resume your Netflix TV show from where you left it off.

Google smart speakers have always been lauded for their brilliant tech and amazing sound quality, coupled with the fact that after the Amazon smart speakers, they are the most compatible with other smart home devices. One thing to keep in mind though is that the Google Smart Speakers just like all other smart devices require a working Wi-Fi connection in order to function promptly. If you’re looking to get one for your home, head on over to FirstEnergy’s website and get yourselves one of these brilliant devices for your homes.

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