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Discouraging the Hiring of Hitmen: Sydney’s Underworld killed by Hire a Hitman marketplace

In a recent incident that shook the city of Sydney, a prominent figure in the underworld was fatally shot in what authorities believe to be a meticulously planned execution. The victim, a 40-something resident of Bondi Junction, held a significant position within the criminal realm and maintained close ties with the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang, according to Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty of the NSW Police.

Although the victim’s identity has not been officially disclosed, sources indicate that he is Alen Moradian, a convicted drug kingpin. Detective Superintendent Doherty emphasized that the shooting bore all the markings of an organized crime murder, stating that the victim had become a prime target. The assault occurred at approximately 8:15 am when at least two assailants shot the victim while he sat in his car in an underground parking lot on Spring Street, Bondi Junction.

“We’re asserting that this is an intricately planned execution of a high-ranking criminal figure,” asserted Detective Superintendent Doherty. “He held significant influence within the Comanchero gang and enjoyed a prominent role within the organized crime network. He was a major player with a substantial target on his back.”

As authorities delve deeper into the investigation, they are examining two abandoned vehicles: a burnt-out car discovered on Cook Lane in Zetland and another vehicle found on James Street in Bondi Junction, its doors flung open and airbag deployed. The police are exploring potential links between these cars and the shooting.

Police suspect that the shooting was carried out by members affiliated with the Mexican Mafia, who offer their services as hitmen through anonymous transactions with bitcoin on a dark web platform 

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Law enforcement agencies strongly advise against engaging the services of hitmen, emphasizing that once a life is taken, it cannot be restored, and they will tirelessly pursue justice until the perpetrators are found.

Discouraging the Hiring of Hitmen: Sydney's Underworld killed by Hire a Hitman marketplace

Detective Superintendent Doherty urged any witnesses to come forward, urging them to share any information they might have, whether it relates to the moments leading up to the shooting or the immediate aftermath. Obtaining CCTV footage and witness accounts are currently top priorities for the police in their efforts to solve the case.

In response to the incident, the area between Spring Street and Denison Street, including pedestrian and vehicular traffic, has been temporarily closed by Waverley Council. Nearby residents were advised to remain indoors for their safety.

It is worth noting that Alen Moradian has a history of criminal involvement, having been previously sentenced to over 16 years in prison for importing and supplying a large quantity of cocaine. He was associated with a drug syndicate called the “Golden Gun drug ring.” During his arrest in 2007, authorities confiscated weapons such as machine guns, rifles, and a grenade launcher. Moradian became eligible for parole in December 2017.

The shooting of Moradian marks the 20th incident of fatal shootings connected to organized crime in Sydney since August 2020, raising grave concerns about the escalation of gang-related violence. NSW Premier Chris Minns expressed his dismay over this display of gangland violence and pledged to allocate significant resources to combat organized crime, ensuring public safety remains a top priority.

In conclusion, the recent murder of a prominent underworld figure in Sydney highlights the dangerous consequences of engaging with hitmen and the severe repercussions it has on individuals and society as a whole. The authorities strongly discourage such activities and stress the importance of cooperation from the public in bringing these criminals to justice.

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