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Boost Your WFH Productivity With These Tools

The world was struck by a deadly pandemic in the year 2020. While Covid-19 made the world suffer a lot, it gave us a way out of the office- Work From Home. The world is returning to normal, and people are returning to offices, but many people still want to work from home. Even some offices are not willing to call their employees to work. There are many reasons behind this.

Many people are still working from home, and it can get a little difficult at times because of distractions at home. Your parents might be asking you to go out, your kid might be bickering, or it can be anything, and it can make your productivity suffer during WFH.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure your day and work are productive.

1. Get in a routine.

It might sound boring, but this can do wonders. Follow the same routine that you used to while going to the office. It can help you be disciplined and work towards achieving deadlines on time.

2. Have a dedicated workspace.

Choose a corner that feels positive to you and set up your home office. You can put your laptop or desktop there; this will do the trick of keeping you concentrated during your meetings and work hours.

3. Be a little tech-savvy.

You do not have to ask anyone how to convert XLSX to PDF; you can simply Google it and learn it. Similarly, you can teach yourself different things that might help you at work.

4. Maintain boundaries.

You cannot mix your personal and professional worlds. You have to draw a line and set up time slots for your work and family.

5. Communication is the key.

Be it with your family, boss, colleagues, or anyone- you have to communicate if something is bothering you. Make sure your words are clear to your team to meet any deadlines.

6. Clean up the workspace.

You might feel zoned out sometimes because of the mess. Keep your workspace clean, and make it a routine to clean it every weekend.

7. Take care of yourself.

Eat well, stay hydrated, and exercise daily. These three steps will keep you sane and productive during WFH. 


WFH is a concept that is going nowhere for now, and you need to deliver good work with it. These seven steps will help you remain productive, otherwise, you can always google to know answers like how to convert Excel to PDF. 

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