Best CRMs For Media And Entertainment Companies

Media and entertainment have drastically transformed these days. With the coming of 5G and several OTT platforms, the competition to be the best is at its peak. Therefore, media and entertainment companies need to use advanced tools for their day to day operations. And the most important factor that can accelerate the growth of any media and entertainment company is its ability to fetch customers. This is where customer relations platforms become crucial.


This CRM software enables you to collaborate with the entire marketing, sales and service teams to bring more meaningful results to the company. Furthermore, it has a wide range of offerings for all the teams and thus brings out the best for all the departments of the company. It also offers automatic data management which means you don’t have to convert PDF to Word and then enter that data into your system manually. Furthermore, it has a time management technique that helps companies in maintaining accuracy and speed in their work.


This software is compatible with both SMBs and enterprise-level organizations. NetSuite allows companies to manage all its key areas as it lays focus on every key aspect such as marketing automation, sales force automation, partner relationship management and customer service management. This software has proven to increase sales and customer engagement and has been highly accurate in its sales forecastings. Furthermore, it also helps companies by automating workflows.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is designed to give a level playing field to all types of brands, start-ups, SBM and enterprise-level organizations. Some of the key features of this software are that it offers email tracking, lead scoring, website landing page, social media monitoring and helps manage social media. The deep contact level analysis and deal conversion and tracking system are what make this software distinct in the market. And if you are tired of using a PDF editor for making templates, you can utilise the template builder of this software.

Zoho CRM

Every company wants to have cloud-based software that they can access from anywhere in the world. This relieves the company from self-hosting its CRM. Moreover, it also has several additional extensions that can help build unique functionality. Along with these it also has lead conversion prediction and social media integration for its users.


HubSpot is one of the best known CRM software in the market. It has a cloud-based interface which ensures that all the features and functionalities in this software are upto date. In addition to these, it also allows you to monitor the entire sales funnel from the main dashboard of the software. HubSpot is also linked with Gmail which allows companies to view the exact timeline of their leads and makes tracking leads very easy. It also has an email marketing tool, an SEO measurement feature and also has an optimised landing page.

These were some of the tools that companies can use to increase their customer engagement. And some of this software even allows you to monitor sales and leads. Thus, increasing the efficiency of the company.