7 red flags of injury lawyers in Hillsville

If you have a valid personal injury claim in Hillsville, you should consider lawyering up at the earliest. As per the statute of limitations in Virginia, you have two years to file a lawsuit. This is a small window, and if you don’t take immediate action, you may lose valuable evidence and witnesses. If you are hiring a Hillsville personal injury lawyer, here are some red flags to watch for. 

  1. The lawyer’s office is irresponsive. Attorneys are busy people, but they always have a team to answer calls and queries. Don’t work with a lawyer who doesn’t return your calls. 
  2. The lawyer wants a fee for a case assessment. Almost all injury lawyers in Virginia offer a free initial appointment to review and assess a case. If an attorney wants a fee for that, it’s not a good sign. 
  3. The lawyer wants their fee immediately. An injury lawyer is expected to work on a contingency fee, no matter where you are located in Virginia. Do not hire an attorney who asks for a flat fee or an hourly rate. 
  4. The lawyer is rude. There’s no denying that lawyers have to deal with similar cases and questions all the time. However, this is a part of their work profile, and therefore, they are expected to help you in a polite, sympathetic manner. 
  5. The lawyer doesn’t share updates. You know that you must fire your lawyer when they are inaccessible or doesn’t want to share updates on the case. Don’t work with someone who is hard to reach.
  6. The lawyer has too many bad reviews. Posting a review on Google or other websites needs effort. A client is more likely to post a review when they are unhappy or too satisfied with the outcome. Too many bad reviews are not a positive sign. 
  7. The lawyer promises an outcome. Yes, injury lawyers can guess and predict the outcomes of a case, but you don’t expect them to promise a certain amount in a settlement. 

Hiring an injury lawyer in Virginia is not complicated, as long as you keep an eye on key details. Check a few websites, such as Nolo and Avvo, which have listings of local injury lawyers for cities and regions. Meet your lawyer to know the worth of your case, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions about their work. You can also ask for a few client references.