5 Considerations For Residential Painting

Over time it is inevitable that the paint in the interior or exterior of your residential property may begin to look faded or cracked due to age, general wear and weather, or the colourings may be looking out-dated, and you are wanting a refresh to transform the look of your home! Whichever the case may be, utilising a reputable residential painter Sydney will assist you in any guidance you may require

Below are 5 tips and things you may want to consider when starting your residential painting to make the process seamless and stress-free such as utilising a reputable painting company, choosing the best time of year for your circumstance, preparing for the painting services, considering protective coatings, and maintaining your painting.

1. Utilise a reputable painting company

Utilising a company that is experienced in the services are essential for the end result of your project. It is recommended to seek reviews online as well as recommendations from others who have had positive experiences with a company before deciding to receive service. If you are searching for reviews online, it may be beneficial to look at images on their website of previous jobs that they have completed to get an idea of whether you like their work in advance.

2. Choose the best time of year for your needs 

There are many things to consider when choosing the best time of year for painting the interior or exterior of your house, and it may come down to personal preference, although it is beneficial to weigh the pros and cons of painting at various times of year in varying climates.

Painting in the summer season will generally result in a faster drying time and faster job completion due to the higher temperatures and possible wind. Painting in autumn is usually best for interior painting as autumn due to its climate and high levels of rainfall, making it difficult to paint externally.

Painting in winter may extend the job completion time due to the cooler unpredictable weather although will often see reputable painters with more availability and with services being more affordable as services are not in as high demand compared to other seasons. Painting in the spring season is often popular as the temperature is neutral, being warm enough to dry although not too cold. The humidity generally starts to decrease in spring which is beneficial for painting although you want to be aware of not letting moisture get trapped between the surface and the paint as this will affect results and longevity of the paint.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best time of year to start your residential painting depending on whether the painting is interior, exterior or both and whether you want to take into consideration completion times, accessibility, and affordability. 

3. Prepare and protect your interior and furniture

If you are painting the interior of your home, it is important to prepare the rooms that are being painted in advance. Your residential painter may be able to provide you with some personalised advice, although a general rule would be to protect any furniture you have. Whether this involves moving the furniture to make room for your painters and limit damage or covering your furniture with sheets which will prevent staining on your furniture, it is important to think about protecting and preparing your interior in advance.

4. Consider protective coating options

Certain protective coating options may be beneficial to your residential property such as specialised fence spraying, waterproofing, texture coating, roof recondition and re spraying, high pressure cleaning or wallpapering depending on your end goals.

Depending on your goal for the end result, utilising protective coatings such as specialised fence spraying or roof reconditioning has the potential to transform the look of the exterior of your property along with the exterior repaint. An experienced residential painter will be able to provide specialised advice depending on your circumstance and goal to transform your property!

5. Monitor the appearance of the painting

Once you have had a residential painter complete your project, this will have transformed your properties look! It is important to keep on top of its appearance to notice any cracking, peeling, or mould on the walls.

If cracks, peeling, caulking, or mould are maintained well you will receive longer lasting results! If any issues are monitored and picked up quickly they are much easier to fix and will not take as much time or money for a residential painter to carry out services to restore your property.

Reach out to a reputable residential painter to get started today!

There are a lot of processes involved in transforming your residential property whether you are transforming internally, externally, or both! If you are wanting to get started on painting the interior or exterior of your home, reach out to a reputable residential painter Sydney today. An experienced residential painter will be able to provide services that meet your needs and step you through the process and requirements of residential painting services.