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4 Fashion Essentials you must have in the UAE

Fashion is a name for a popular or latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, etc. Fashionable clothing and outfits are really significant to women as they make a huge impact. Sometimes, the clothes a woman might wear may depend on whether or not they go with her accessories. Other times, she may change the whole course of her outfit just to achieve a look that is in fashion and is trending. This shows how important clothing & accessories are to women and how they help make an iconic fashion statement. Fashionable clothing & accessories are of several different types and can be categorised into many groups like shirts, pants, skirts, handbags, belts, bracelets, jeans, watches, necklaces, rings, and etc. There are so many that this is just some of the total and would take up the whole page if they were mentioned. 

Whatever fashion item it is though, it is sure to elegantly elevate a woman’s outfit and add a classy and chic finish to it. This blog will talk about different fashion products and how they enhance the clothing experience. 

1. Denim Short-sleeve Shirt

This fashionable item is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe collection for all the right reasons. Its outer is designed with 99% cotton and 1% elastane and its lining is made of 100% cotton making it incredibly comfortable and soft. Moreover, it has the classic front button fastening, short puff sleeves and a peplum hem which makes it very stylish. It’s also in the colour blue and comes with a V-neck and you can get this through Farfetch Coupon Code.

2. Marmo-print Cotton Maxi Skirt

This product will upgrade your whole closet and you will not regret investing in it. It’s made with 100% cotton which makes it very soft and it has a long length that drops to your feet. It comes in a light pink/bubble-gum colour and is designed with an abstract pattern print all over which gives it a pop. It’s also made with a high-rise waist and has an A-line silhouette with concealed side zip fastening providing a storage area.

3. Graphic-print Colour-block Scarf 

This product is definitely a necessity in your accessory collection due to several factors. It’s made with 100% silk which is very gentle on the skin and offers the utmost comfort. It’s designed with a multicolour abstract pattern print which looks effortlessly chic and stylish. It also has a further graphic-print colour-block pattern designed on it which gives it a very timeless and classic look. Moreover, it has an oversized frame and is made with a wrap design which is very in-fashion nowadays. 

4. Gardenia Printed Kaftan-style Dress 

This kaftan-inspired dress is just what you need for a casual event making you look cute while you enjoy with your friends. It is designed with 98% polyester, 1 of metallic fibre and 1% of elastane and has an ankle-length silhouette. It’s in the colours orange and white and is embellished with a beautifully intricate floral print on top of them. It also has long draped sleeves that are flowy and add movement to the design.

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