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How to get addicted to taking action

How to get addicted to taking action

We are all know that dreams will not come true without action. Because Actions create habits that lead to success. The more you repeat the new action, the more natural the action will be, but if you never start, it will not become a habit.

In this article we are going to give the Secret tips to make you addicted to take action, even you are the laziest person on earth

This article is inspired by really great book by one name Twyla Tharp and book is called the creative habit. Thorpe is one of the best choreographers and dance instructors that we have in the world. She’s done a variety of shows across Broadway, many other really spectacular plays. So she’s highly respect in her field and she does a really interesting thing with her morning routine and the habits that she sticks to

She says “I begin each day of my life for the ritual, I wake up at 5.30 AM, put on my workout clothes, leg warmers, sweatshirt, and my hat, I walk outside my Manhattan home hail a taxi and tell the driver to take me to the pumping iron Jim a ninety First Street and First Avenue where I work out for two hours

The rituals is not the stretching in weight training that put my body through each morning at the gym. The ritual is the cab, the moment I tell the driver where to go, I’ve completed the ritual. It’s a simple act, but doing it the same way each morning habitual makes it repeatable and easy to do. I reduces the chance that I would skip it or do it differently. It’s one more item in my arsenal routine and one less thing to think about

What’s interesting about Tharp action is that she’s focusing on making the very beginning of the habit as achievable as possible. The only thing that she puts her energy into is hailing the cab morning and then she trusts that the rest of the action and behavior will follow from that as long as she hails the cab gets in it. She knows she’s going to show up at the gym and start working out and continue to rest the routine because it’s already started this kind of cascade of behavior.

This is one of the most important things we can cover when it comes to making habits more achievable. which is that so often we think about the entire habit that we want to build, this big thing this goal that we want to achieve and if we think about the habits and their full scope then they can be intimidating, it can seem like too much

instead of thing about focusing on working out for two hours Tharp shift her focus to just hailing a cab, something that she could do in two minutes and this is what we call the two minute rule

Two minute rule is the idea that not all habits can be accomplished in two minutes but pretty much any habit can be started in two minutes and so the goal of the two minute rule is to figure out a way for you to start your behavior to initiate the habit in two minutes or less

So it takes less than two minutes then it here’s to the role. an example, you get home from work maybe want to go for a three mile run that sounds really good but once you get home from work you’re exhausted and tired and the idea of going for a forty five minute run or a thirty minute run or however long it would be seems intimidated, thinking about the habit in its full scope seems like too much work so instead focus only on the first two minutes, putting on her shoes tying them, getting a water bottle and stepping out an closing the door.

if you do that if you do something you can actually accomplish within the first two minutes that it doesn’t matter if you do the rest, literally you can make a promise yourself once you step out the door and close it you can go right back and you’re done it doesn’t matter at that point. But what often happens is that once the behavior is initiated, once you start then you end up finishing the behavior anyway

The key distinction here’s that motivation often comes after starting a behavior not before. we think the motivation is something we need to have “oh I don’t feel motivated enough to work out for forty five minutes that I can’t follow through on that happened” but in fact if we can focus only on the first two minutes that we can trust that the rest the behavioral follow just like Twyla Tharp healing the cab.

So what I’d like you to do now is to think about how to make your behavior Easier at first even if it’s not as impressive. So click on the work sheet below. Write down a two minute version of how you can just kick start that habit and only focus on the first two minutes rather than thinking about the entire scope of the behavior go ahead and do that now I’ll see in the next lesson.


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